Amit Kishor

Date Of Travel : 26 Dec 2014

Mobile :9431073391

Hotels : Excellent, Cab & Driver : and Services of Travel Agent

Pawan Kumar

Date Of Travel : 31 Nov 2014

Mobile :9716253285

A lovely, relaxing and charming hotel. Wonderful gardens and villa style accommodation. The restaurant serves a fresh selection of fine dining expertise every evening. There is a fantastic fusion of flavors and ingredients used (e.g. Beetroot & star anise soup, herb ice-cream with poached pear). The setting is perfect.

Sameer singla

Date Of Travel : 10 feb 2015

Mobile : 9971869777

I would like to thank Ganga Tour for helping us plan our Holiday at an affordable cost and all this happened because of the dedicated, courteous and knowledgeable Travel Consultants.

Vivek Middha

Date Of Travel : 24 Sep 2015

Mobile : 9990412996

We are back from the trip and had a really good time. Thanks to you, booking this trip was hassle...